Green supply chain management practices and environmental conservation among manufacturing companies in Uganda: a case study of Century Bottling Company Limited (Coca Cola).

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Kampala international University College of Economics and Management
This study set out to assess the relationship between Green Supply Chain Management Practices and Environmental Conservation in Uganda, a case study of Century Bottling Company Ltd. It was guided by three research objectives as follows: (D To examine the relationship between internal environmental preparation and Environmental Conservation Century Bottling Company Ltd., (II) To determine the relationship between Green Purchasing Practices and Environmental Conservation in Century Bottling Company Ltd and (IID to examine the relationship between Eco-design and Environmental Conservation in Century Bottling Company Ltd .. The study used a descriptive cross section research design which involved establishing the relationship between the independent variable and the dependent variable. The quantitative data was obtained using structured questionnaires from different categories of people such as respondents from the Mukwano group of companies, while the qualitative data was obtained from key informants, interviews and observations. Quantitative data were presented in frequency and percentage tables and analyzed with the help of SPSS data editor. Qualitative approach was considered because it tries to draw conclusions in terms of concepts and analysis in terms of understanding, what, where, who among other queries, while the quantitative research approach was opted for in cases where data needs to be tabulated or represented in graphs or pie charts for easier comprehension. The findings of the study revealed that Internal Environmental Preparation is helpful in discharging organizational accountability and increasing environmental transparency, Sustainable development is possible with the help of environmental management as it helps include ecological ability of enterprise, Internal Environmental Management is the practice of developing enviromnental sustainability as strategic organizational imperative through commitment and support of the imperative from senior and mid-level managers and Internal Environmental Management is entirely an emerging and dynamic concept which has helped boost effective Environmental Conservation by Century Bottling Company Ltd. The findings also revealed that Green Purchasing Practices is an environmental concept that is gaining popularity in the world, Green Purchasing Practices is a fundamental part of sustainable supply chain management, and that the practices are an approach to improve performance of the process and products according to the requirements of the environmental regulations. The findings revealed that Eco-design practices take into consideration Protecting people's health and improving people's productivity, and that they also consider reducing waste, pollution, and environmental degradation. The study concluded that incorporation of the principles of GSCM in a chain of production requires the integration of economic, social and environmental issues that should permeate all internal processes, external relationships and encompass the entire supply chain. Duber-Smith (2005) argue that the motivations that prompt organizations to adopt the GSCM are alluding to target marketing, sustainability of resources, reduce costs, increase efficiency, differentiate products, increase competitive advantage, supply chain pressures, adaptation- regulation and risk reduction, brand reputation, return on investment, employee's morale and ethical imperative.
A Research Report Submitted To The College Of Economics And Management In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements For The Award Of Bachelors Degree Of Supplies And Procurement Of Kampala International University
Green supply chain management, Environmental conservation, Manufacturing companies, Uganda, Century Bottling Company Limited (Coca Cola)