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Title: Design and implementation of an online order processing system: A case of study of Hima cement company
Authors: Nabateregga, Josephine
Nabwire, Lillian
Keywords: Online order processing system
Hima Cement
Issue Date: May-2011
Publisher: School of Computing and Information Technology
Abstract: The internet has turned the world into a global village. Meaning that business transactions can be carried out from anywhere and at any time provided that one is connected to the internet. However, in most third world countries Uganda inclusive, people are not fully exploiting the benefits of IT businesses still face problems of low customer-base limited to the areas where those businesses are located just because they have not exploited IT or they are just ridged to traditional ways of carrying out business. Hima cement factory happens to be one of those businesses that still suffer from the problem of IT-divide moreover falling on the lower side. It almost only carries out business with those that can physically access their different offices or the plant itself. And this has hindered its economic growth as some customers are geographically eliminated for fear to incur extra costs in traveling to the few districts where hima has offices. The high cost of operation that is incurred by customers, and Hima as accompany was key to the undertaking of this project. The project study focused on only the order making process which is a major business process. However, there is need of expanding on this so as to integrate it with other process like online payments among others. There is need for Hima management to sensitive its customers on the introduction this new service. User training is highly recommended to all the people on how to use the system. The system was developed using Php, mysql and dream weaver. Php provided a local host, sql was used to create a database, and dream weaver for creating web pages
Description: A project report to be submitted to the School of Computer studies in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the ward of a degree of Bachelor’s in computer science and Bachelor’s degree in information Technology of Kampala International University
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