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Title: The challenges facing the newspaper industry in Tanzania: case study media solutions ltd dares salaam, Tanzania
Authors: Robert, Zephania
Keywords: Newspaper
Issue Date: Sep-2008
Publisher: Kampala International University.College of Humanities and Social Science
Abstract: The future of newspapers is in danger of extinction from the face of the planet unless instant and effective measures are undertaken to save it from disappearance. There are a number of challenges facing the newspaper industry globally, particularly in the developing world. One of the major challenges facing the newspaper industry in Tanzania is unskilled human labour. In addition, inadequate finances is another serious challenge hindering the development of the newspaper industry in Tanzania. However, these challenges are not limited to the operation of the media houses. There is poor readership culture among the population who don't have interest in reading newspapers. Also poverty is another confrontation facing the newspaper industry in Tanzania. Many people can not afford a newspaper copy due to high levels of poverty. The main objective of this study was to find out the challenges facing the newspaper industry in Tanzania. Findings also revealed that illiteracy is a contributing factor in low readership of newspapers in Tanzania. The study has also recommended a number of solutions and measures to be adopted to save the newspaper industry from extinction. One of the major recommendations is the training of manpower in the print media industry in Tanzania. The newspaper industry is as important as any other mass medium therefore it should be maintained by all efforts.
Description: Research dissertation for the partial fulfillment of the a ward of a bachelors degree in Mass Communication at Kampala International University
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