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Title: Defilement: A Critical Analysis of the Law and Practice in Uganda.
Authors: Akampereza, Dianah
Keywords: Defilement
Critical Analysis
Issue Date: Jun-2012
Publisher: Kampala International University, School of law.
Abstract: The study's main objective was to critically analyze defilement law and practice in Uganda and the specific objectives were to; • To examine the existing laws in relation to defilement in Uganda. • To find out factors and practices that aggravates defilement in Uganda. The study was done in Kampala District Uganda and the respondents were sampled from the police, parents and law makers, overall a sample size of thirty respondents was reached and data was gathered about the topic. This report is organized into five chapters, chapter one covered introduction and back ground information, contain a belief overview of defilement with a critical analysis of the law and practice in Uganda as well as the broader perspective; the back ground of Laws in Uganda presented. The study objectives, significance of the study. justification of the study, statement of the problem and research questions are all noted in this chapter, Chapter 2. Brings out the related literature reviewed supplemented by case law, chapter 3 explains the methodology that was used. Chapter 4 states that; field results presented. analyzed and discussed according to each study objective and finally chapter 5 presents the summary of the lessons learnt from the study, conclusions, recommendations, and areas of further study. The study revealed that the Ugandan law on defilement seems sufficient in protecting the children against defilement but the practices in community and other factors like poverty. media. aad urban lifestyle continue to put children at a risk of being defiled. The responcknts showed fair k1101,.vledge of the law on defilement in Uganda. However the study revealed that although the laws are Carly stipulated, there is n~'..:d for the government to increase sensitization campaigns to popularize the law to the general public is expected to reduce the incidence of defilement.
Description: A dissertation submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Award of Bachelor of Laws, Faculty of Law, of Kampala International University.
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