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Title: A study on the influence of the legal and policy frame work onto drug trafficking and drug abuse in Uganda
Authors: Benedict, Arinaitwe
Keywords: Influence
Frame work
Drug trafficking
Drug abuse
Issue Date: Jan-2014
Publisher: Kampala International University.College of Law
Abstract: Uganda has for long troubled with the problem of drug trafficking, which has resulted into an adopted habit of drug abuse As a result, the government enacted various laws to counter the drug trafficking and abuse problems that were growing like a summer time bush fire. Under these laws, it is prohibited for anyone to illegally possess, sell or use the drugs so classified as under international control. With laws in place however, the problem of drug trafficking and abuse has only lived to see an increase, which has also been reflected in the increased rates of drug related crimes in Uganda. The question on whether the legal and policy framework aimed at curbing drug trafficking and abuse in Uganda, led to this study: "a study on the influence of the legal and policy framework onto drug trajficldng and abuse in Uganda" under which an analysis of the effectiveness and weaknesses in the government policy on combating drug trafficking and abuse was done. The achievements, challenges, and failures of the legal and policy framework are looked at and recommendations are made in respect of the loopholes in the law which if addressed would help fight drug trafficking and abuse in Uganda. The study finds that the reason as to why drug trafficking and abuse are on the increase in Uganda is because of the weak laws which are too lenient to the culp1its with the fines being very small in comparison to the amounts of drugs price value, and also the short jail terms. It is therefore recommended that government should pass more stringent laws to counter drug trafficking and abuse in Uganda.
Description: Research project submitted to the School of Law in partial fulfillment of the award of the degree of bachelors of Laws at Kampala International University
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