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dc.contributor.authorMusimenta, Daisy-
dc.descriptionResearch dissertation submitted to the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Award of Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication of Kampala International Universityen_US
dc.description.abstractThe project embarks on designing a research to finding concrete and lasting solution on problems brought by community radio to youths’ development on African community setting. The overall objective is to reveal the dangers emitted from media through commercial advertisement which incites youths to use variety of unsubscribed drugs which gradually harm them and to create responsibility on community radios to adopt a culture of positive message exposure. The specific objectives are as follows: 1. To establish the extent to which media has been used in enforcing drug abuse among the youths. 2. To examine the attitudes of media towards drugs abuse upon the youths. 3. To find out the major consequences of drug abuse on the behavior of the youths. The methodology component of a research/project included research design, method of data collection, sample framework, data processing, data analysis and ethical considerations. To highlights responsibility among community radios to remind them to adopt the culture of disseminating educative programs since they empower the youths to develop the community. To find out ways of diverting student’s attention on these dangerous adverts as well as advice those already engaged in drugs and the dangers which are pending. To highlight key areas the ministry of information will amend which may hinder the censorship of alcoholic’s adverts, and drug abuse. To examine how the authority are dealing with the rising dangers of alcohol related illnesses so that they can be able to plan on minimizing if not doing away with alcoholism and drug abuse hence this shows policy makers on health matters will also be great beneficially.en_US
dc.publisherKampala International University; College of Humanities and Social Scienceen_US
dc.subjectElectronic mediaen_US
dc.subjectDrug Abuseen_US
dc.subjectYouth developmenten_US
dc.subjectWakiso Districten_US
dc.titleElectronic media influence on drug abuse to youth development in Uganda: a case study of Wakiso Districten_US
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