Projected impacts of petroleum processing on the surrounding communities a case study of kabaale parish Buseruka sub-county, Hoima district.

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Kampala International University,School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
The study was to explore the impacts of petroleum processing and its projected impacts on the surrounding communities. A case study of Kabaale Parish Buseruka Sub-County, Hoima District. The study considered the specific objectives namely; to assess the extent to which the proposed petroleum refinery project has affected the communities of Buseruka sub-county, to find out the perception communities of Kabaale parish have on petroleum processing project and to examine the projected impacts of petroleum processing on the surrounding environment of Buseruka sub-county. The researcher used both quantitative and qualitative design. Qualitative design of data collection where the population was comprised of 80 respondents and a sample of 55 respondents which comprised of 50 community members, 4 local leaders with in the villages and 1 sub county chief. This study was undertaken to primarily assess the impacts of the proposed refinery project on the surrounding communities. It was also intended to find out the perceptions of the local communities on the petroleum processing project in terms of land matters and business and employment opportunities. Furthermore the objective for the study included the need to examine the projected impacts of petroleum processing on the surrounding environment in the Albertine region. Findings for these objectives were obtained through administering a questionnaire to the sampled members of the community in the Buseruka sub-county. Interviews were also held with key informants who were believed to have unique insights into the proposed project. A number of local and international documents were also reviewed to supplement information obtained from interviews and the survey method.
A research report submitted to the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences in partial fulfillment for the award of Degree of a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management of Kampala International University
Projected impacts, petroleum processing, surrounding communities, Hoima district