Inclusive education and academic performance for learners with visual impairment in Kamuli Town Council Primary Schools

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Kampala International University,College of Education
The study was about academic performance of children with visual impairment in Kamuli Town Council. An attempt was done to trace the academic performance of children with visual impairment. The instruments used to collect data were interview and questionnaire. The interview was intentional to children with visual impairment since they could not read and write ordinary print. It was also easy for the researcher to phrase one rephrase questions to The researcher also used questionnaires to the head teachers and teachers because it was easy to track busy head teachers and teachers. Entry was gained by seeking permission from the two head teachers of the schools. Data was analyzed qualitatively. The researcher used tables and percentages to have better meaning of data which was collected. From findings the reaseacher noted that: There were many appropriate learning materials for learners with visual impairment. There was also lack of knowledge of how to support children with visual impairment and even how to use the available resources was a problem. Further more the present curriculum does not favour learning with visual impairment. There was less involvement of parents for learners with visual impairment in their education. According to the respondents and their responses on the ground, the learners with visual impairment are being left behind and therefore can not perform as expected.
Research report submitted to the Institute of Open and Distance Learning in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of a degree In Primary Education of Kampala International University
Education, Academic performance, Learners, Visual impairment i