The effects of domestic violence to the status of women in kisenyi ii parish - Kampala, central division.

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Kampala International University,College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Women and children make up the prime target of domestic violence. This study describes the effect of domestic violence on the status of women in Kisenyi 11 parish-Kampala Central Division. This dissertation is presented into two parts; first a quantitative of part of the questionnaire on the distribution of zoned responses, age and said effects ranking as felt by the women. Secondly, a qualitative analysis of the underlying needs from effects of domestic violence on the women investigated by questionnaire and interview. We found most of the women aged between 20-40 years most of them had partners with children. The most common effect of domestic violence physical injuries and maims 58. 7%, while death from such injuries was alarmingly 48% this was followed by divorce and diseases both at 41 % and resultant stress disorders was significant at 28%. Women confessed getting beset by frustrations 25%. While 21 % had suffered from STDs resulting from adultery, 20% were under psychological torture and quite a relative number 16% coil in shame and loss of respect from men's demeaning acts. Some women 13.3% recounted living under permanent fear, while 8% dreaded the loss of property due from domestic violence. Miscarriages accounted for 7% much as those resorting to drugs and those who lose their children to the streets no longer able to find any solace from the embattled homes. About 4% underwent abortion and a similar percentage was pushed to "Bobbitt' (cut the genitals of their errant partners) and others were constantly reprimanded. In severe cases women registered infertility 2. 7%.
A dissertation submitted to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirement for award of the B.A.SS: Gender Studies Kampala International University
domestic violence, women, kisenyi ii parish, Kampala