Logistical support and the performance of customer service staff: a case study of Kampala water and sewerage service area

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Kampala International University,College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The study examined logistical support and the performance of customer service staff of Kampala water and sewerage service area. While the National Water and Sewerage Service (NWSC) standard for customer care is effective response to customer complaints within 30hours, there seemed to be a difficulty in meeting this standard due to constraints in logistical support? The study focused on what customer service staff felt about the logistics support that was provided for their work. Through literature review, the key concepts of logistics management and customer service were determined and explained. The components of logistics support were also defined. Customer service was defined from the perspective of internal and external customers, the relationship support and the performance of service staff was described in terms of facilitating the capacity of the staff output as well as motivating in their performance. The research design was the case study of Kampala Water and Sewerage Service Area (KWSSA) water distribution service. Self administered questionnaire and the review of written documents were the data collection methods used in the study. Both qualitative and quantitative data was collected and analyzed. Most of the data was presented in form of tables and some was presented in form of charts. The study population was the staff of KWSSA and the target population was the water distribution staff. The study revealed the logistical support had a strong impact on the performance of customer service staff. Problems related to logistical support had an adverse effect on the performance of customer staff in terms of both their output/productivity and motivation. Some of the key items of logistical support seemed inadequate for effective customer service. Efficiency of the use of available support seemed too high because they rarely remained ideal. Lack of logistical support reduced staff morale and productivity and caused them to abandon work until they got a solution from their supervisors. A number of measures were recommended and suggested to reduce bottlenecks in logistical support and there by improve the performance of water distribution staff.
Dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a Masters Degree in Project Planning and Management of Kampala International University
Logistical support, customer service, Kampala water, sewerage service