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Title: The impact of Supplier Relationship Management on Performance of the Organisation; Case study of Mukwano Group of Companies.
Authors: Ajalo, Agnes Rose
Keywords: Impact
Mukwano Group of Companies.
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Publisher: Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management Sciences .
Abstract: The purpose of the study aimed at assessing the impact of implementing supplier relationship management solutions on organizational performance basing on the following objectives; to establish supplier relationship management solutions used by organizations, to establish the performance of organizations that manage supplier relationships, and to assess the relationship between suppliers' relationship management and organizational performance. Both qualitative and quantitative research designs were used. The sample size was randomly selected using the simple random sampling design. And sample size of 40 respondents was considered. Secondary sources of information included textbooks, magazines, pamphlets, research reports, journals, internet and newsletter were used in addition to various company annual reports, and Primary data was collected by the use questionnaires given by the respondents. Besides that After collecting data, it was analyzed in line with the problem, objectives of the research, research questions and other information especially from the literature review, Frequency tables and graphs were worked out basing on the data entered into excel. In these frequency tables and graphs, analysis was done with a corresponding percentage. Findings revealed that Mukwano group of companies does not provide for itself all the necessary materials/ services required for the work, further still materials sourced from suppliers include plates, ink, stationery, exposure services, machines, and colour separation services. MUKWANO Group of companies is committed to the contractual arrangements though there is need to check on bureaucracy which sometimes stagnates and delays decision making Besides that there is a lot of work in progress, a lot of damages are made at the MUKWANO Group of companies, and Suppliers take a lot of time in delivering what is ordered for by the MUKWANO Group of companies, It was recommended that Mukwano Group of companies need to provide for itself with all the necessary materials/ services required for the work, such as, ink, stationery, exposure services, machines, and colour separation services.
Description: The research report submitted to the College of Applied Economics and Management Science in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of the Bachelor's Degree in Supplies and Procurement at Kampala International University.
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