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Title: Impact of Universal Primary Education on academic performance of learners in the Years of 2003-2006: a case study of Rigoma Division, Kisii North District, in Kenya
Authors: Abigael, Kerubo K.
Keywords: Universal Primary Education
Academic performance of learners
Kisii North District
Issue Date: Dec-2009
Publisher: Kampala International University; College of Education Open and Distance Learning
Abstract: The study on the impact of Universal Primary Education on the academic performance of learners was carried out in the primary school of Regional Division, Kisii North District. The general aim of this study was to find out the impact of Universal Primary Education on the academic performance of learners in the selected primary schools of; Nyakongo, Omoyo, Menyenya, Nyansiongo and Mochenwa. The study objectives were to investigate the goals of Universal Primary Education, comparing private school performance and public school performance, establishing the opinion of teachers, parents and students on free primary education and finding out the effects of Universal Primary Education on the academic performance of learners in the selected secondary schools in Regional Division, Kisii North District, Kenya. The study involved five out of seven primary schools in Regional Division in Kisii North District. The schools were selected using the random sampling technique where parents, teachers and head teachers were interviewed. A total of five head teachers, three members of the Parents Teachers Association from each school and class teachers in each school were selected for the study. A total of eighty five respondents were interviewed for the study. Qualitative and quantitative methods of research, which gave the deeper effect of Universal Primary Education, were applied in this research. The researcher adopted quantitative because the study called for phenomena relating or involving a number of students' performance. The information also found has been included in description of qualitative data and presentation on bar graphs, pie chart and tables. The following methods were applied in the collection of the data, namely: face to face interviews, questionnaires, observation, research and document examination and analysis. The research found out that; there was a general poor performance after the introduction of Universal Primary Education in the district. Overpopulation and lack of enough teachers are not the main factors causing poor performance in examination among students. The teachers did not strongly support Universal Primary Education but the parents saw it as a good opportunity for free education while saving money for higher levels of education. The factors investigated are not only restricted to one division but are widespread to many schools too and should be taken into great consideration while preparing students for examination and life in general. It is recommended that the school administration, B.O.G and the P.T.A should strive to employ more teachers to equip studies, build more classes, purchase enough text books, charts, models and writing materials and check students' entry behavior before admission.
Description: A research report submitted to the Faculty of Education in partial fulfillment for Award of Degree of Bachelor of Science with Education of Kampala International University
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