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Title: The effect of drug abuse among pupils in Watamu Zone in Malindi District, Kenya
Authors: Mwakio, Hightone M.
Keywords: Drug abuse
Malindi District
Issue Date: Nov-2009
Publisher: Kampala International University; College of Education Open and Distance Learning
Abstract: The study was designed to establish the effects of drugs on E.C.D.E children's academic performance in Watarnu zone in Malindi District. In order to realise the study, the researcher used interview guides and questionnaires to get the data intended. The researcher produced ten copies of interview guides and ten of questionnaire to gather the required information on misuse of drugs in the Watarnu zone in Malindi District. Teachers of various schools assisted in interviewing pupils aged between 3-8 years on a drug abuse and its consequences thereafter. According to the findings almost 90 percent of the entire children population in the zones used or have used drugs like mnazi, alcohol, bhang tobacco. As far as drug taking is concerned in the zone, it has a great negative impact on pupil's academic performances. Majority of the population score below average mark in every subject tested in any given examination. It has been concluded that most abused drugs in the zone were mnazi, alcohol, bhang and tobacco related substances. Many access the drugs through their parents. If a parent smoker dropped a filter of the tobacco, the child used all means to pick it and smoke in private. Among the mijikenda in coast, Kenya, a child is allowed to test or take mnazi in the process serving customers. Such children feel confused and end up doing things against their wish. The government should try to find out means of stopping such habit through local leaders like village elder, assistant chiefs and chiefs should be educated on how to protect their children from taking drugs at their tender age. Through such collaborated awareness by teachers, civil servants and religious leaders on the effect of drugs, the society shall be declined from the grip of poverty and nonperformance of children in schools.
Description: Research proposal presented to the School of Institute of Open and Distance as partial fulfillment leading to the Award of Bachelor of Education Kampala International University Uganda
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