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Title: Change management and employee performance: A case study of Somtel Telecommunication Company, gala
Authors: Idil, Mohamud Mohamed
Keywords: Change management
Employee performance
Somtel Telecommunication Company, Gala
Issue Date: May-2015
Publisher: College of Economics and Management
Abstract: The study was about the impact of change management and employee performance while considering SOMTEL telecommunication company-Galkao. The study was guided by three objectives that is; to establish the effect of readiness to change and employee performance, to find out the effect of resistance to change and employee performance and to find out the effect of feedback analysis in Change management and employee performance. It used data collected using a questionnaire Interviews, and during data collection purposive sampling technique and snowball method were used. Both qualitative and quantitative were used to analyze data as it used a sample size of 60 respondents. The study concludes the ways of change management at SOMTEL Telecommunication Company Limited include; readiness to change, resistance to change and feedback analysis. It also concludes that change management plays a significant role towards employee performance. Still that the challenges faced by SOMTEL Telecommunication Company in change management include; power problem, lack of enough funds, labour turn over, competition from other telecommunication companies and lack of constant market for the products. Lastly, that there is a positive relationship between change management and organizational performance. The study recommended government involvement in the provision of change manage mental needs through adjusting in the labor laws, a greater balance between employees' needs and organizational needs, refresher courses given to managers and career guidance and counseling of workers in case their expectations are not met should be done by the management in organizations. And the impact of change management and employee performance of SOMTEL Telecommunication Company Limited Somalia, the influence of corporation tax on the performance of SOMTEL Telecommunication Company Limited Somalia and the relationship between corporate social responsibility and performance of employees of SOMTEL Telecommunication Company Limited Somalia are suggested areas for studies.
Description: A research dissertation submitted to the Faculty of Business and Management in partial fulfillment of requirements for the award of Bachelors' Degree in Human Resource Management of Kampala International University
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