The effects of advertising to sales performance: case study of Lake Bogoria Hotel in Kenya

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Kampala International University; College of Economics and management
The study, was carried to investigate the effects of advertising to sales performance in Lake Bogoria Hotel. It was guided by a number of objectives, which is to know different advertising mechanism employed in the hotel industry, to assess the influence of advertising to sales performance and to examine the challenges of advertising in Lake Bogoria Hotel .The study mainly concentrated on Lake Bogoria Hotel customers and employees. It determined the effects of advertising to sales performance since the company was faced with stiff competition, declining sales and rivalry from other hotels. Questionnaires were issued out and random interviews was also carried out .The study revealed that various forms of advertisement may be employed by Lake Bogoria Hotel. These include electronic print, brochure, website among others. The study further revealed that these different methods of advertisement have improve on the hotel sales in terms of value and efficiency ,increased publicity, income demand among others thus indicating a positive relationship between sales and advertisement. However the positive relationship came at a cost; poor perception, limited coverage, high costs, competitors influence, high level of illiteracy were among the challenges faced by the hotel and its bid to advertise. From the research findings the following recommendations can be emphasized that for high customer satisfaction scores, the hotel should ensure it performs very highly on all possible variables and soft issues of image building, skillful product information fit and ease of hotel locality. Customers need to be informed, educated, persuaded, reminded and given an actual change of image to make innocent customers who had already changed their minds to other places.
A research project submitted to the School of Business and Management in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Degree of Bachelor of Tourism and Hotel Management of Kampala International University
Advertising to sales performance, Lake Bogoria Hotel, Kenya