History of Busoga

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This “History of Busoga” is a translation of the original work of Mr. Y.K. Lubogo which was written in Luganda between 1921 and 1938. While considerable effort has been made to produce a readable English version, the objective of the translation is to preserve the content and style of the original work rather than produce a literary work. The facts and figures given were set forth by the Literature Committee. It is a pity that such a long delay has occurred between the completion of the manuscript and the publication of the book. Nevertheless, it is fortunate that this newly constituted Literature Committee has been able to produce for distribution the result of so many years hard work by the author. Since there has been this lapse in time between the writing of the original work and the appearance of this edition “The History of Busoga” is far from up-to-date and readers have to remember that when the author refers to “present day conditions”, he naturally means at the time he was writing; some time prior to 1939.
Busoga, History