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Title: Decentralized governance and health services delivery in Garowe Town, Puntland-Somalia
Authors: Mohamud, Faisa Awad
Keywords: Decentralized governance
Health services delivery
Issue Date: Mar-2022
Publisher: Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Science
Abstract: The study focused on assessing the effect of decentralized governance on health services delivery in Garowe Puntland, Somalia. The study was guided by three objectives namely, to examine the level of supervision on health services delivery, to examine the extent of monitoring and evaluation on health services delivery, to examine the significance between decentralization and health service delivery in Garowe. The study used a cross-sectional study design where quantitative and qualitative data collection methods were used. A sample of 165 respondents was used selected from a population of 290. A questionnaire and interview data collection tools were used. Data analysis was carried out and findings in this study indicated that supervision had a positive effect on health service delivery; monitoring and evaluation had a negative effect on health service delivery. The study was able to determine the significance on decentralized governance on health services delivery in Garowe Hospital, majority of the respondents gave their stand view on that decentralized governance play an effect on provision of health services in the community despite of the hindrances like inadequate evaluation and sensitization of hospital performance. The overall impact of decentralization on service delivery depends critically on its design and prevailing institutional arrangements. This study has reviewed the literature on factors that are likely to influence whether decentralization improves the efficiency of resource allocation, promotes cost recovery and accountability and promote health service delivery in Garowe Hospital Puntuland, Somalia. The study findings indicated that respondents rated the supervision and health services delivery in Garowe Hospital, on average 2.79 and standard deviation 0.82 high on likert scale. The nine items had means and standard deviation ranging between 3.04 (0.425) -2.73(0.497). This implies that the supervision need to be addressed in Garowe hospital so that community members can get quality health services delivery hence having proper health status and healthy life living. Therefore in this study majority of the respondents agreed that they conduct supervision among themselves. More so The study findings showed that respondents responded on the impact of monitoring on Health Service Delivery, on average 2.99 and standard deviation 0.60 the reflects that monitoring is carried out to have provision of health services. This means that the effect of monitoring contributes to proper health service delivery. From the study findings the researcher concludes that supervision is considered to be one of the effective methods of stimulating high health service delivery more so there was positive relationship between supervision and health service delivery. With the results based on responses that concluded that monitoring is not considered to be one of the effective methods of stimulating high health service delivery in Garowe town. From the study findings and conclusion the researcher recommends that the Government of Garowe town should emphasize supervision service delivery so as to have effective and positive development. This can be done through training top and line managers supervision tactics such as ensure that lower employees fulfill their daily obligations and also putting up policies that should compel managers to supervise lower employees and service delivered. More so the study recommends that the health department should revise the monitoring strategies used in hospital and align them towards ensuring effective health service delivery.
Description: A research dissertation submitted to the college of humanities and social sciences in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of a degree of Master of Public Administration of Kampala International University
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