Inter-Governmental Organizations, Elders Participation and Good Governance in Mogadishu Somalia

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Kampala International University
The study was to determine the impact of inter-governmental organizations, elder’s participation on good governance in Mogadishu Somalia, a case of African union. The data was collected from 288 respondents through questionnaires and 9 Key informant Interviews (KIIs). The study results was analyzed based on frequency, percentages, Mean and standard deviation and simple linear regression to determine the effect of the variables and qualitative responses analysis based on content analysis as per the objectives and constructs of the study. The findings showed that global Inter-governmental Organizations has a positive effect on good governance in Mogadishu Somalia, model summary shows that the r-value is .338, even qualitatively shown as providing a positive bearing on the good governance. Secondly regional Inter-governmental Organizations on good governance in Mogadishu Somalia. The model summary shows that the r-value is .456. Finally, effect of elder’s participation has a significant low effect on good governance in Mogadishu Somalia. The model summary shows that the r-value is .170. The study concludes that the state of the intergovernmental organizations is operating with the status of the intergovernmental organizations being less functional to good governance. Secondly, the study conclude that regional intergovernmental organizations especially the African Union and Amisom specifically has operated in ensuring security with the regional forces deployed in Somalia’s capital city. The study recommend that global Intergovernmental organizations need to increase their reach to ensure full representation of the global guidance agenda on the Somalia state, health, human rights, education among other key inducements to good governance need to be developed. The study recommend for the need to develop policies of local government's accountability like rules and regulations that will guide, policies against misconduct, the process of investigation wrong-doing and financial scrutiny to enhance local government's accountability and conflict resolution at the local level.
A Research Dissertation Submitted to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Award of Master’s Degree of International Relations and Diplomacy Kampala International University
Inter-Governmental Organizations, Elders Participation, Good Governance, Mogadishu, African Union