Federalism and Quality of Public Services in Puntland State of Somalia:

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Kampala International University
The study was carried out in order to examine federalism and quality of public services in Puntland state of Somalia: A case of Galkayo district. The objectives of the study were to; examine the role of federalism in the quality of public services delivery in the education sector of Galkayo district, Puntland state of Somalia; assess the contribution of federalism on the quality of public services delivery in health service in Galkayo district Puntland state of Somalia and evaluate the influence of federalism on the quality of public services delivery in water and sanitation in Galkayo district Puntland, state of Somalia. The research design for this study was a cross sectional. This study used a study population of 260 respondents. However for the purpose of this research study, sample selection was a total 158 respondents subject to the Krejcie and Morgan Table of (1970) and the Solven’s formula. The study attained information from the field based on questionnaires and interview guides. However the findings from the study revealed that the predictor variables explained at least 34.6% of the variance in federalism (Adjusted R Square = .346). The results further indicated that water and sanitation (Beta = .295, Sig. = .000), was a better predictor followed by health service system (Beta = .279, Sig. = .000), and education service delivery (Beta = -.144, Sig. =.003). This implied that the federal government of Puntland should put high emphasis on water and sanitation and within this, the following should be a priority; Constant access to clean water, access & use of sanitary products and good hygiene practices. The study concluded that that federalism is considered as a comprehensive system of political- relationships which emphasize the combination of self-rule and shared rule within a matrix of constitutionally dispersed powers without basic consensus on some form of federal principles. The study recommended that quality of social service delivery should be improved in Galkacyo district local governance. Galikacyo district Local Government and individual civil servants should undertake to uphold the spirit and practice of job competence development in order to match the changing social service delivery demands.
A Dissertation Submitted To the College Of Humanities and Social Science as a Procedural Requirement for the Award of Master of Arts in Project Planning and Management Of Kampala International University
Federalism, Quality, Public Services, Puntland State, Galkayo District