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Title: Compliance and performance to public procurement and disposal of public assets act (pdda) by selected public entities’ in Uganda
Authors: Nampala, Florence
Keywords: Public procurement
Disposal of public assets act
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Kampala International University
Abstract: The study examined the compliance and performance to Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Act (PDDA) by selected public entities’ in Uganda specifically looking at Uganda police and Mulago Hospital. Population size of about 300 and Sample size is 150. The research established how PPDA compliance affects performance of public entities in Uganda. The hypotheses tested in this study were adopted from review of literature in a cross sectional study. Data was collected from 2 public entities which do Central Government procuring and disposing entities and I used structured questionnaire. On the level of selected public entities compliance to PPDA in Uganda, the study revealed that; many public entities adhere to procurement laws and this affects their performance in both short and long-run. On the level performance of selected public entities’ with PPDA policy in Uganda, the study revealed that public entities’ compliance to PPDA laws/policies, have directly influenced their performances. On the significant relationship between compliance to PPDA and performances of selected public entities in Uganda, the study revealed that many public entities adhere to procurement laws is positively and significantly correlated with public entities procure genuine products. The study however concluded that the procurement in Uganda is still poorly managed and understood by public entities and this explains why there is a high level of noncompliance to PPDA policy. Recommendations were thus advanced by the researcher and these included; PPDA working together with organizations like the COMESA, European Union, promote procurement professionalism among procurement officers among others.
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