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Title: Motivation and teachers’ performance in Bushenyi District
Authors: Asiimwe, Rwin
Keywords: Taacher Perfomance
Bushenyi District
Issue Date: Jul-2015
Publisher: Kampala International University,College of Education
Abstract: The key aspects of teaching involves the use of instructional materials, teaching methods, regular assessment of students, making lesson plans, assessment of pupils, conduct of fieldwork, teachers’ participation in sports, attending school assembly and guidance and counseling. A research gap was evident in investigating whether motivation of teachers increased their morale to perform as well as the effect of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation on the performance of teachers. The study took into consideration three specific objectives which include, determining the performance indicators among teachers in Bushennyi district. Evaluating the effects of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation on the performance of teachers, and assessing the different modes of boosting performance. The study used a descriptive research design because of the nature of’ the variables that were at hand, to produce data, required for quantitative and qualitative analysis and to allow simultaneous description of views, perceptions and beliefs at any single point in time, The study was carried out among teachers in 5 secondary schools in Bushenyi District. Overall, 100 respondents participated in the study (89 teachers as primary respondents; 5 head teachers and I MEO and 5 SMC as key informants. The researcher used a questionnaire for the 89 teachers, an interview for 5 head teachers and focus discussion group for the 5 head teachers. Data from the semi-structured interviews were entered in a computer and Statistical Package for Social Scientists (SPSS) programme used to analyze it. The percentage number of respondents according to variables such as; sex, age, type of motivation and so on were computed and presented using tables. The results from the study showed that the level of teacher motivation in the district was not up to the right standard. This study investigated and provided information to close the above mentioned research gaps
Description: A dissertation submitted to the College of Education Open Distance and e-learning in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of Bachelors of Arts with Education of Kampala International University
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