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Title: Academic performance of the hearing impaired learners in an inclusive school setting: A case study of Chiakariga Division, Tharaka District
Authors: Kathenya Charles
Keywords: Academic performance
Hearing impaired learners
Inclusive school setting
Chiakariga Division
Tharaka District
Issue Date: Jul-2008
Publisher: Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
Abstract: The study carried out a critical analysis and investigation on the academic performance of the Hearing impaired learners in an inclusive setting (regular schools). The study took Chiakariga Division, Tharaka District as a case study. Previous studies indicate that a number of factors ranging from the lack of audiological equipment, negative attitude of teachers towards the hearing impaired learners are among the many forces behind their poor academic performance in regular primary schools. The researcher applied a purely quantitative research design in presenting and interpreting the research findings. The technique of data collection used was mainly the use of questionnaires with some key informant interviews to the district officials. Selection of the samples was based on a simple Random sampling procedure so as to give all the respondents equal chances of participating in the study. Research findings revealed that the causes of poor academic performance among these learners are diverse but most importantly, the failure of the ministry of education to address their learning needs given the fact that they need adequate audiological as well as other learning equipment to facilitate their learning. A number of measures have been drawn up basing on the researchers observation and conclusions of the research findings. These include among others: government’s drive towards providing for their hearing as well as learning aids, change of teacher’s attitude in a positive direction and the need for the community to dedicate efforts towards supporting learners with special needs.
Description: A research report submitted to the Institute of Open and Distance Learning in partial fulfillment of the requirement for an award of a Bachelor Degree of Education in Special Needs of Kampala International University
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