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Title: Maudiiui na fani katika tamthilia za kiswahili: utafiti linganisifi wa tamthilia za mashetani na kivuli kinaishi
Authors: Musimenta, Calium
Keywords: Kiswahili
Kivuli kinaishi
Issue Date: Oct-2018
Publisher: Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
Abstract: This research is about themse in Kiswahili plays, majority in the two plays which ismashetani and kivuli kinaiis . This research it compares the in the two novels plays and see how writers differ and have similar ideas in different plays, and how they use aspects and the structure of the plays in their work. This research used two research methods which are library and written literature. Data in this which are library and written literature. Data in this research was done Through selecting the specific themes by comparing and contrasting. This research has discovered that the writers of kivuli kinaishi and mashetani have both differences and similarities in there aspects and structure, that they have used in writing and structure, that they have used in writing there work. This is because of the differences in the setting, historical background, geographical and the societal background. This research has discovered that all writers have simulates in the themes that they have developed in their work. This research concludes tadesoited the fact that these writers come from different background, historically, politically, socially, economically geographically, and culturally.Therefore it is clear that all the communities have similar problems, challenges and expectation that the writers are trying to address.
Description: Tasnifu iliyowasilishwa katika idara ya lugi-ia za kiafrika illkuteleza baadhi ya mahitaji ya shahada ya kwanza vauwalimu: Bachelors of Arts with education chuo: kikuu cha Kampala International University
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