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Title: A research on dental caries and oral hygiene practices amongst nursing students of Kampala International University western campus.
Authors: Thuo, Steven Ndegwa
Keywords: Oral hygiene
Dental caries
Kampala International University western campus.
Issue Date: Jul-2013
Publisher: Kampala International University. School of Health Sciences Western Campus
Abstract: The following document is a research that was carried out among the nursing students of Kampala International Univeristy, to assess the prevalence of dental caries together with oral hygiene practices. The document sought to ascertain the true prevalence which is recorded therein and the various oral hygiene habits that the nursing students had. This was justified by the documented prevalence of dental caries and poor oral hygiene in medical institutions ( 2008). The other objectives and constituents of this research document include ascertaining various factors like; gender and age and their relationship with dental caries and oral hygiene status. Other major factors in the causation and increased risk of cariogenicity that were assessed, included the periodicity before change of toothbrush, the implement used during teeth cleanings, the frequency and periodicity of cleaning the teeth. Of summative importance were the diet the nurses took and their dental service- seeking habits which have been documented and their direct relation in causation of dental caries
Description: A research submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of bachelors of medicine and surgery degree at Kampala International University western campus.
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