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Title: Relationship between students discipline and academic performance in secondary schools
Authors: Kipsang, Hillary Rutto
Keywords: Academic Performance
Students' discipline
Secondary Schools
Issue Date: Aug-2008
Publisher: Kampala International University. College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
Abstract: This section gives the summary of the research problem, which is concerned, with discipline and academic performance in secondary schools. The main objectives of the study was, to investigate the role played by school rules and regulations in promoting discipline, the types of punishments given to students and there applicability to promoting discipline and finally the relationship between guidance and counseling in conjunctions with discipline and academic performance in schools. The study was based on five secondary schools in Kosirai division North Nandi district. The researcher considered different elements of school settings, which are more concerned with discipline and academic performance. This consisted of student age, school rules and regulations, teachers concern towards students discipline, teachers’ supervision to students, and students’ promotion to next level, and types of punishments in schools and guidance and counseling service. The research in chapter one basically introduces the study and what it intends to do and where to be carried out. This also reflects the objectives, significance and the possible limitations of the research. Chapter two, goes ahead to literature review. We researched information related to this study from other researchers and criticized their findings as per the influence from the real situation of the problem researched. Chapter three discusses the methods used by the researcher to collect the data from the field like questionnaires which were open and closed and the population he used to get his data which was the students in secondary schools. Chapter four represents the data got from the field in form of tables together with the introduction of the questions used to collect the data. Each element is represented in table according to the responses from the sample. Finally chapter five discusses the information got from the data representation in chapter four. It discusses each element concerning discipline and academic performance in details as revealed in the research The research revealed need for the school administrators need of making sure that the ways they enforce school rules and regulations, the types of punishments they offer in instilling discipline be improved to promote academic excellence. This is because the way of discipline has been affected by the way in which it has been perceived in different schools. Guidance and counseling is also discussed in details in this Section and the research has shown how effective it is in the schools where research was done. Finally this summarizes the objectives of the study whether achieved or not and also the conclusion of the researcher towards the findings of the research. The recommendation of the study is also revealed in this section.
Description: A research report submitted in the Faculty of Education in partial fulfillment of the requirement for Degree award in Bachelors of Education of Kampala International University
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