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Title: Impact Of Socio-Economic Factors On Pupils Academic Performance In Lake Victoria Zone Kamuchumu, Kagera Region District Muleba.
Authors: Mulokozi, Lailat Haruna.
Keywords: Socio-Economic Factors
Pupils- Academic Performance
Issue Date: Oct-2011
Publisher: Kampala International University ,College of Education, Department of Open and E-distance Learning
Abstract: The topic of this research project is how socio economic factors impacts on pupil’s performance in lake Victoria Zone Kamachum Division Muleba District Tanzania It objectives were how social economic factors impacts on students performance Investigate the relationship between family background and socio economic factors. To establish the relationship between parents status and pupils aid academic performance. The last objective was to analyze the effect of socio-economic factors on school enrolment. The main finding of the research project was: the study revealed that education and academic performance are adversely affected by different socio economic factors such as food availability as well as proper nutrition. They also agreed that nutrition is very important in the growth and development of children and this is supported by Levinger Beryl (2000) that nutritional programs facilitate the growth of a child in all dimensions and have consider the long lasting effects on a child’s life. Recommendation of the study the government should make sure that it focuses on nutritional and feeding programs in schools. The parents and the community should he sensitized on the importance of proper and stable family background and how they influence child development. Parents should make sure that they provide food for their children as they go to school so that they do not go hungry and fail to concentrate in class. In conclusion the research established that socio economic factors play a vital role in children performance and thus should be put into consideration.
Description: A Research Report Submitted To College Of Education, Open And Long-Distance Learning In Partial Fulfilment Of The Requirement For Award Of A Degree Of A Bachelor Of Arts With Education Of Kampala Interntational University.
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