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Title: Academic performance of learners with hearing impairments in inclusive primary school Kasarani Division Nairobi-Kenya
Authors: Ndei, Lucy Ngenia
Keywords: Academic Performance
Hearing impairment
Primary Schools
Issue Date: Aug-2008
Publisher: Kampala International University. College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
Abstract: The aim of the study was to investigate factors affecting academic performance of learners with hearing impairments in inclusive primary school Kasarani Division, Nairobi province. The research used quantitative approach and survey design. She used twenty regular teachers from division. She targeted at four teachers from every school selected. The total numbers of schools selected were five out of the twenty five inclusive primary schools in Kasarani division. A questionnaire was used and filled as required by the respondents. The findings indicated the performance of learners with hearing impairments in inclusive primary schools is affected negatively. It may be affected by the negative attitude held by regular teachers towards learners with hearing impairments. Regular teachers may also lack skills and knowledge of the impairment and how to strategize on intervention. These are: - no hearing equipments and materials to help the affected learners. Schools are also located in noise prone areas e.g. near roads. For learners with hearing problem to benefit from inclusive primary schools, then there is need to create awareness to parents and teachers on the causes and prevention of the disability. Teachers and the rest of the public should be advised on the dangers caused by hambering negative attitude towards learners with special needs. Pre and in-service courses should be advocated for teachers without special training. Schools should be allocated in conducive areas. The learners should be kept in his/her preferential area like near the source of sound and facing the speaker. Adjustments should be made in schools to accommodate learners with hearing impairments. Equipments and materials should be availed in inclusive setting to assist learners in their learning. When the above is followed, then learners with hearing impairments will benefit and will perform to as normal learners as possible.
Description: A research report submitted in partial fulfillment for the requirements for the award of a Degree in Bachelor of Special Needs Education of Kampala International University
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