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Title: Teachers’ motivation and academic performance of students; a case study of Kwapa Sub-county, Tororo district, Uganda
Authors: Obwana, Paul
Keywords: Academic performance
Teachers motivation
Tororo District
Issue Date: Aug-2018
Publisher: Kampala International University,College of Education
Abstract: This study was carried out in selected Secondary schools in Kwapa sub-county to investigate teachers’ motivation and academic performance of students. The following objected were formulated to guide my study; To establish the types of motivation. To establish the types of motivation used in. To determine whether the methods of motivation used contribute to academic performance in the schools used in Kwapa sub-county. From the research study, it was evident that there existed a notable relationship between a teacher motivation and academic performance of students in the subject handled by the same teacher. It was not worthy that rewards given to teachers boosted their morale and this subsequently improved student’s performance. Verbal praises have noted to be almost trivial as compared to material rewards, promotions and financial rewards. From the study, it was found that when teachers were rewarded , they worked harder and this motivated disinterest learners to learn and also preserved and fostered the enthusiasm of those who are interested in learning. Therefore, extrinsic motivation plays significant role in determining the performance of students in academic. The study recommended that the government, through the MoES should work closely with the heads of school (both primary and secondary) in order to ear mark industrious teachers for promotion. Prize giving ceremonies should be held in schools on termly basis to reward teachers and students for their good performance. The government and the heads of schools over-rely on extrinsic motivation as opposed to intrinsic motivation This study was carried out in Kwapa sub-county in Tororo south constuency, Tororo district in Eastern Uganda. This case study involved an investigative study of various motivational strategies of teachers in Kwapa sub-county and how they fueled academic performance of
Description: A research report submitted to the college of education, open, distance and e-learning in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Award of a Bachelors degree in education arts of Kampala International University
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