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Title: Right to academic freedom: its place under Uganda constitution
Authors: Obalowose, Ojo
Keywords: Human right
Educational rights
Academic freedom
Uganda laws
Uganda constitution
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Panamaline Books Distributors Limited
Series/Report no.: Kampala International University Law Journal(KIULJ);Vol. 1 issue 1
Abstract: The whimsy absence of express provisions of law on the right to academic freedom in Uganda constitution and other subsidiary laws becomes a precursor to grave violation of this right not only by the state, but also by private individuals and other entities. Aside copious absence of these laws in the Constitution, paucity of knowledge that these rights exist amongst beneficiaries, and the apathy expressed by the judiciary and legislative organs in this direction is worrisome. Those who seem to be aware of the existence of these rights question its legality and applicability. The cumulating of these odds has endeared victims of such violations to take succor on a larger platform through an international instrument under the aegis of “Kampala declaration on social responsibility and intellectual freedom,” which clearly sets out these rights. It is upon these parameters that the scope of this work shall be built as it sets out the right of all stake holders, which includes teachers, lecturers and professors in universities or other academic institutions, and a cursory analysis of legislative and statutory lacuna thereto
Description: The article is available full text.
ISSN: 2519-9501
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