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Title: The Impact of Immigration on Somali Culture in Uganda, A Case Study of Kisenyi-Mengo
Authors: Abdiaziz, Mohamed Hassan
Keywords: Immigration
Somali Culture
Issue Date: Sep-2016
Publisher: Kampala International University, Colleges of humanities and social sciences
Abstract: The research carried out on “The impact of immigration on Somali culture in Uganda, Kisenyi mengo” was aimed at establishing Somali culture in Kisenyi, Uganda. The focus of the research also analyzed the socio-economic needs of the Somali immigrants in Uganda. The investigation was also based on the metrics relevant to the rights of the Somali immigrants and the effective mechanisms required safeguarding their educational and fundamental human rights. The theories relating immigrants rights violations including the Malthusian theories provide the basis for analyzing the literature review. The theoretical framework establishes the specific immigration considerations and cultures that directly relate to Somali immigrants. The method that was used to carry out the research was based on exploratory approach and this involved using descriptive survey as an ideal method of getting relevant information that pertains the culture of the Somali immigrants in Uganda. The sampled size was rationed to 60 households which included families and the individual Somali people. The sampling was by randomized means and this was aided by differences in the respondents’ classes. The instruments used in the research varied according to both the respondents’ age and level of education. The questionnaires were used to gel information fl~om an informed class of respondents while oral interviews fbcused on both the students and the uneducated households. The data was analyzed by using relevant coding procedures. The findings of the study showed that culture is an important factor among Somali immigrants. it also found out that the significance ol the core oh~ectives relative to Somali immigrants explored core attributes which reflected existing impacts of Somali culture of the overall concept pf social interaction in Uganda.
Description: A Research Report Submitted to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of the Bachelor Degree of Public Administration and Management of Kampala International University.
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