The prevalence of complicated malaria in children under five years in tiriri health centre IV - Soroti district .

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Kampala International University. School of Health Sciences Western Campus
The research study was carried out in Tiriri Health Centre IV, Katine Sub County in Soroti District. The researcher opted to identify the factors contributing to severe malaria among children aged 0 – 5 years, in which interventions can be directed to alleviate these factors for a lasting solution. Soroti is one of the districts in Uganda surrounded by several wetlands and swamps,people therefore live around swampy areas most affected by moist land with water logs.This kind of village backgrounds provide good habitat for mosquitoes to bread hence encouraging the continuous high prevalence of malaria in the district.Tiriri Health Centre IV serves the communities of Katine, Tubur, Kamuda, Arapai,Asuret, Gweri and Soroti Sub Counties respectively.The major objective of the study therefore was to assess the complications of malaria in children aged 5years and below who attend health care service in Tiriri health centre1V, Soroti District. The researcher also sought to address the following specific objectives: - to determine the common complications of malaria in children under five years who receive treatment in Tiriri health centre IV, to identify common risk factors contributing to complicated malaria in children aged 5 years and below and to determine the outcome of complicated malaria for children aged 5 years and below as seen in Tiriri health centre IV in Soroti district. The research study looked into related literature extracted from health centre records from both out-patients and in-patients registers. It also spelt out review of work done by other researchers on assessment of malaria disease, causes and spread. It highlighted the cause, control measures, prevention and treatment plus knowledge of people and attitude towards control of malaria particularly in children less than five years of age. The research used a retrospective cross sectional study in which the researcher followed the available records backwards. Patients files, registers for in-patients, health facility monthly report forms, weekly surveillance forms for notifiable diseases and other available documents that gave information concerning malaria as a source of information. A data collection form to suit the study was designed.The study found out that there was need to maintain regular health education to the community, need for insecticide treated mosquito nets to all pregnant mothers and children under five. It further identified male children as being more susceptible to complicated malaria. The researcher also found out the need for care givers to be educated on clinical presentations of malaria in children under five. The research found at that government needs to employ more health workers, organize seminars for health workers in order to provide more knowledge on how to deal with malaria in childrenunder five.
A research report submitted to the faculty of clinical medicine and dentistry in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery of Kampala International University
Malaria, Children, Soroti district