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Title: A Web-Based Information System for Ugandan Citizenship Registration
Authors: Emetu Michael, Emodu
Keywords: A Web-Based Information System for Ugandan Citizenship Registration
Issue Date: Oct-2007
Publisher: Kampala International University, masters of science in information systems
Abstract: Citizen Identification has always been an issue of importance in the Ugandan society in order to solve problems that lead to delivery of poor health services, inefficient use of resources and failure to meet the people’s basic needs. Due to the accumulated cases of poor management of Citizen Information, the consequences are still being felt. A modern Web-based management information system for Uganda’s Citizens where Citizen Information will be kept and disseminated to stakeholders for proper planning and sound decision making is a result of the research. National Identification cards (IDs) are expected to be issued to the Ugandan citizen who will be registered into the system so that Ugandans are able to identify themselves from other nationals. The process will be decentralized to the district offices or even to the Sub County level so as to improve on the efficiency of the distribution of these IDs. This research is organized into six chapters. Chapter one is the introduction. It looks at the general introduction, problem statement, research questions, and objectives of the research, significance of the research, scope of the research, limitations of the research and the overview of other chapters. Chapter two is the literature review. It surveys scholarly work of other authors which is related to our research. It gives us the theoretical framework of our research. Chapter three presents the research methodology which will be used to carry out the research and it looks at experimental design and data collection tools to be used. Chapter four presents the system investigation and requirements elicitation of the data obtained from the field. Chapter five looks at the data and information modeling of the web-based information system, it also presents the system design and information security of the system. Chapter six looks at Conclusion, recommendation and future work
Description: A Research Report Submitted To The School Of Post Graduate Studies In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements For The Award Of Master Of Science In Information Systems Of Kampala International University
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