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Title: Factors associated with malnutrition among children below five years admitted at the pediatric ward of Kitagata Hospital, Sheema District
Authors: Bampaire, Martin
Keywords: Malnutrition
Pediatric ward
Kitagata Hospital, Sheema District
Issue Date: Apr-2019
Publisher: Kampala International University, School of Health Sciences
Abstract: Malnutrition is one of the major causes of mortality and morbidity among children below five years of age in Sub Saharan Africa. In order to understand the causes of malnutrition among children who are less than 5 years of age, a study was conducted in Kitagata hospital, Sheema district in south western region of Uganda to find out the factors responsible for malnutrition of children less than five years. The data was collected from Kitagata hospital by use of a structured questionnaire which involved child related factors (sex of child, age of child, birth order and birth interval), maternal related factors (age of mother at birth, marital status, maternal occupation and maternal education level) and anthropometric measurements. Anthropometric data included weight, height/length and age of the children. Data analysis was done in Epi Info programe-nutrition module and stata statistical softwares. It was found out that birth interval, maternal occupation and maternal education level were the major factors influencing malnutrition. It was found out that stunting was more prevalent in children whose mothers were peasants and those whose mothers didn’t have any education level attained. The same trend was observed in children whose birth interval was less than 2 years. However, there was no significant relationship between marital status and malnutrition of children below 5 years of age. In conclusion therefore, it’s important to note that the study is essential in pointing out the occupation, maternal education level and birth interval that contribute to malnutrition in Kitagata hospital, Sheema district. Based on the findings therefore, the study recommends the practice of other practices that reduces on the prevalence of malnutrition such as exclusive breastfeeding followed by timely complementary feeding among those less than 3 years
Description: A research report submitted to the Faculty of Clinical Medicine and Dentistry in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a degree of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery of Kampala International University
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