Mass media coverage on domestic violence in Uganda: case study Vision Group

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
This study examined the current coverage of domestic violence by the media in Uganda, Case study vision group. It consisted of three objectives namely) to examine the mass media coverage on domestic violence among women, ii) to examine attitude of Ugandan media editors towards domestic violence and iii) to determine the media editors’ attitude towards domestic violence. The research took the form of a descriptive design, and the reason for this is because it aims to describe the current situation so that it can be understood clearly so that the gaps identified in it can be addressed on mass media coverage on domestic violence. The study explored descriptive correlational design to examine the relationship between the two variables that is the coverage and attitude towards domestic violence. The respondents has there been much coverage of domestic violence on TV? Talk shows, special programs, educational dramas. Within the last year, with in the last six month, within the last month? The respondents who said “yes were very few compared to those who said no” meaning that some are not even sure 20(25%). From the findings and the conclusions of the study, the researcher recommends the following:-i) Domestic violence gets minimal coverage by Ugandan media - both in terms of news coverage and coverage in other media programs ii) Domestic violence is considered solely as women’s issue to be addressed only on women’s program and forums iii) The most common sources of domestic violence related news are courts and police. However, the legal implementation bodies are perceived as largely mitigating cases of domestic violence.
A dissertation submitted to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences in partial fulfilment of a Bachelor’s degree of art in Mass Communication of Kampala International University
Mass media, Domestic violence, Vision group, Uganda