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Title: The impact of poverty and child mortality in Uganda : a case of Kanungu district
Authors: Alex, Turyasingura R
Keywords: Poverty
Child mortality
Kanungu district
Issue Date: Sep-2018
Publisher: Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Abstract: The study aimed at establishing the relationship between poverty and child mortality in Kanungu district. The objectives of the study were, to determine the effects of poverty in Kanungu district, to examine the factors influencing child motility in Kanungu district and to identify the relationship between poverty and child motility in Kanungu district. These designs helped to generate information on Poverty and Child Mortality in Kanungu district. The designs employed the use of questionnaires and in-depth interviews which are to be conducted between the different types of respondents. The study was conducted in Kambuga Town Council. A sample size of 80 respondents was determined through purposive and random sampling methods. This was so because the nature of data to be generated required different techniques for better understanding of the research problem under investigation. Besides this the approach is also commonly known for achieving higher degree of validity and reliability as well as elimination of biases as per Amin (2005).The finding showed respondents who strongly agreed that Malnutrition was seen in children of poor families. People living in poverty rarely have unhealthiest foods that lead to child mortality therefore, malnutrition’s potentiating effects on prevailing infectious diseases that lead to child Mortality in Kanungu district. Majority of the respondents agreed. It is recommended that health sectors in Kanungu district should provide services to mitigate the health effects of poverty, and articulate the health-related significance of poverty on child mortality, in collaboration with other sectors to advance healthy public policy. However, no single data collection or analysis method meets all the needs for measures of child mortality therefore; further studies should be carried out.
Description: A research report submitted to College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Peace and Conflict Studies in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a Degree in Development Studies of Kampala International University.
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