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Title: The impact of internally displaced persons on the environment of Pabbo Camp Gulu District
Authors: Madul Samuel
Keywords: Internally displaced persons
Issue Date: Jul-2006
Publisher: Kampala International University, School of Engineering and Applied Science
Abstract: An investigation of the impact of IDPs on the environment was conducted in Pabbo IDPs camp Kilak sub county Gulu district. The variables considered include; forms of environmental degradation. its effects on the environment and solutions being put in place. In order to investigate the above variables, a general survey research design was used. Methods used in data collection include: study group discussions, oral interviews. Questionnaire, observation and taking of photographs of the existing situation. The study revealed that the major forms of environmental degradation in Pabbo IDPs camp were: fires 28.57%, poor sanitation 20%. Poor solid wastes management 22.86% deforestation 15.71 % and pollution 12.86%. However, the dominant one being fire outbreak accounting for 21.4% of the various forms of environmental degradation in the camp. The study further revealed that environmental degradation affects the health levels of people. Agriculture, and education among the children, water quality and fuel wood scarcity. The researcher established what has been done to protect the environment. They include: food provision, construction of damage systems. Installation of portable latrines. installation of motorized water system and roofing with plastic sheets/carpets. The study came up with recommendations to the impacts of IDPs on the environment the major ones include: environmental education, profession of water sources, solid wastes management/ disposal, public awareness, change in land ownership and decongestion of the camps.
Description: A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment for the award of degree in Bachelor of Science in environment management of Kampala International University
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