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Title: The Role of Tangayika Catchment Reforestation and Education in Natural Resources Management in Kigoma District, Tanzania
Authors: Felix, E. Kavejuru
Keywords: Reforestation
Natural Resources
Resources Management
Issue Date: Oct-2008
Publisher: Kampala international University School of Engineering science
Abstract: The study explored the role of NOOs in natural resources management. a case of Tanganyika catchment reforestation and education (TAC’ARE) in Kigoma District. Tanzania. This was done to find out the extent to which TACARE contributes in natural resources management. The specific objectives were: to evaluate the activities of the NOOs in the study area. to find out strategies used and problems encountered b) NOOs when implementing the strategies of conserving natural resources. The study was conducted in four divisions in Kigoma district Tanzania. [wo divisions were selected in urban and other divisions in rural areas. The study was descriptive and it employed various methods such as observation, questionnaires. interviews and group discussions. Photography. useful literature re’ iev~ and internet search ~ere used as ‘veil. The findings of the research on the activities of TACARE in natural resources management include: forestry. agriculture, community development, health and environmental education for the youth. The findings indicate that the main activity of TACARE is the forestry reserves. It reveals that I AC’ARE is arresting the rapid degradation of the indigenous natural resources. The strategies employed by TACARE in natural resources management are: community participation. training. sectoral programming. networking and political influence. The findings re’ eat that community participation is the core strategy employed in the consen ation of natural resources. it was concluded that TACARE offers an innovative model of community centered conservation approach. which effectively addresses human needs while promoting conservation values. Communit) participation and training have helped TACARE to achieve its goals in implementing activities of conserving natural resources. In conclusion. TACARE has created an important impact on natural resources management. poverty reduction and development in the stud> area. despite insurncient funding.
Description: A Dissertation submitted In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirement For The Award Of The Degree Of Master Of Science En Environmental Management And Development Of Kampala International University.
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