The impact of free primary education on academic performance of primary pupil’s in Nyeri District, Kenya

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Kampala international University college of Education open and distance learning
This research was carried out in Iriaini Zone, Nyeri District Kenya. This was to find out the impact of free primary education on pupils performance. Consequently research questions were designed so as to guide in the research work. It also used qualitative and quantitative methods by use of probability proportion to size. 200 respondents were purposively selected. The target populations were the children, teachers, head teachers and school inspector. Oral interviews and observation were also employed The problems were lack up participation of parents in children’s work, socio-economic factors of the families, absenteeism, poor nutrition, lack of motivation, big classes and teacher~pupil ration, gender related factors, poor teaching methods, inadequate textbooks and lack of community participation in academic work of the children. It is therefore desirable that the problem should be resolved by the government, communities, families and school. It is important to have good interaction and communication to check on strategies to improve FPE child performance
Research Report submitted In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree in bachelor of education in early child hood and primary education Kampala International University
Free primary education, Academic performance, Pupil’s, Nyeri District, Kenya