To assess dietary knowledge, attitudes and practices among diabetic patients receiving care at Kampala International University Teaching Hospital

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Kampala International University, School of Health Sciences (Western Campus
The study to assess dietary knowledge attitudes and practices among diabetic patients was conducted at Kampala international university teaching hospital in Ishaka Bushenyi municipality, in western Uganda. Uganda is one of the 32 countries of the IDF African region. 415 million people have diabetes in the world and more than 14 million people in the AFR Region; by 2040 this figure will be more than double. National adoption of the global monitoring framework NDCs 2015. The objectives of study were assess dietary knowledge, attitudes and practices among diabetic patients. 60 respondents were selected from a total of population of diabetic patients receiving care at Kampala international u university teaching hospital. During the period of data collection, primary data were collected from the respondents with the aid of structured questionnaire and was analyzed using descriptive statistics. The study revealed that more than half o53.3% of the respondents were female ,this is because women consult doctors more frequently on average than men , it is commonly assumed that they consult more for all symptoms and conditions . The level of literacy was about 66.6% in the post primary level. More than half of 66.6% did not have knowledge about bitter food substances in management of diabetic, only 46.6% of diabetic patients avoiding too much carbohydrate while 60% limited their too much sugar intake. Interestingly, the more rigid eating practices such as eliminating sugar, limiting carbohydrates and decreasing dietary fats play important role in diabetic management.66.6% had negative attitude s towards diabetic diet they believe it is a burden to them . 60% believe that all level of economic class could afford diabetic diet ,60% responsible for their choice of diet 29% doctors recommend and 18% said their family responsibility … furthermore the study stressed that 46.6% had good practice of eating smoked meat regularly , 40% practiced eating green vegetables daily . .33.3%used to eat snacks once aday.20%twice and 46.6%could not eat snacks which was not a good practice.53.3%could eat fruits once a day, 26.6%twice and 6.6%on every meal still practice not satisfactory .46.6%could ate eat green vegetables weekly, 40%daily 13.3% monthly of healthy food, fruits consumed on daily basis while green vegetables were less consumed.
A research report submitted to Uganda nurses and midwives examination board in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of Diploma in Nursing Sciences.
Dietary knowledge, attitudes and practices, Diabetic patients