The Effects of Inventory Control on The Performance of Construction Companies in Uganda: A Case Study of Roko Construction Ltd

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management.
This study established the relationship between inventory control and its impact on the performance of construction companies in Uganda, a case study of Roko Construction Ltd. The specific Objectives were; to determine approaches to inventory control used by Roko Construction Ltd, to find out the Inventory costs incurred in procurement process in Roko Construction Ltd and to find out the relationship between approaches of inventory control and financial performance of Roko Construction Ltd. A case study design was adopted and data collected from a sample of 30 respondents picked from a population. Self-administered questionnaires, interview guide and documentary review guide were used in the study. Data was analysed using SPSS and findings were presented in a tabular format showing frequencies and percentages. The findings revealed that the From the study it was also concluded the Goods are not inspected on receipt, staff members of Roko Construction Limited do not pay maximum attention to those inventories whose value is highest, all store staffs of Roko Construction Limited are not highly skilled, it experiences under stocks situations, and gets damaged goods from its stored. The study recommended that Roko Construction Limited should forecast market for its products so that it stocks enough inventories to avoid under stocks and reduce on damaged inventory, fix the stock levels that is, maximum, minimum, and reorder levels for all items in stock in order to avoid inadequate stocks or stock outs suffered by the company, minimize on its inventory expenses by using skilled labour and also increase on its sales by widening on market for its products, identify the order quantity that minimizes total cost of stock holding, stock ordering and purchase costs in order to maximize profits, put into consideration inventory management when planning for better profits in the coming years and should also minimize the cost of production as lowest as possible.
A Research Report Submitted to College of Economics and Management in Partial Fulfillment of The Requirements for The Award of Bachelor of Supplies and Procurement of Kampala International University
Inventory Control, Performance