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Title: The impact of Buhongwa landfill on the community of mwanza city council
Authors: Mussa, Amri
Keywords: Landfill, Mwanza City Council
Issue Date: Sep-2009
Publisher: Kampala International University School of Engineering and Applied Science
Abstract: An investigation of the impact of Buhongwa landfill on the Environment was conducted in Buhongwa ward in Mwanza City Council. Buhongwa landfill is located at Buhongwa 5 km from city centre at south-west of Mwanza city council. Trench method is applied at Buhongwa landfill where a tractor is used for preparation of trenches and covering the waste by using soil. The variables considered include; forms of environmental pollution, its effects on the environment and solution being put in place. In this survey 75 respondents were selected. This was done by using a general survey research design, and methods used in data collection were; focus group discussion, interviews, questionnaires, observation and photographs of the existing situation. The study revealed that the major forms of environmental pollution in Buhongwa landfill were; water sources pollution 40 %, agricultural land pollution 40 %, and air pollution 20 %. According to respondents agricultural land and water sources pollution are dominating. The study further revealed that environmental pollution affects health of people, quality of food produced, and quality of water supplied in Mwanza city. The previous researchers established different interventions to overcome these problems. these includes; provision of wheel loader for covering the waste, construction of a small fence at main entrance, and provision of landfill supervisors. However, this study came up with recommendations such as strengthening of environmental education, provision of leachete control system, establishment of solid waste separation methods; identify sources of pollution and looking for measures on how to control the existing situation.
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