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Title: The effects of domestic violence on children’s rights in Katoogo village, Kawempe division, Kampala
Authors: Cathy, Nakimbugwe Rebecca
Keywords: Domestic Violence
Children’s Rights
Katoogo village
Kawempe division
Issue Date: Oct-2019
Publisher: Kampala International University, Colleges of Humanities and Social sciences
Abstract: The major aim for this study was to examine the effect of domestic violence on children’s rights in Katoogo village, Kawempe Division. The study had three main objectives, that is; to establish the effect of sexual violence on children, to determine the effect of physical violence on children’s rights and to assess the effect of emotional violence on children’s rights in Katoogo village, Kawempe. Chapter two presents literature related to the present study and attempted to highlight more on the problem statement. In this section therefore, the researcher introduced the guiding theory of the study, while the reviewed literature focused on the contributions of other researchers’ works in regards to domestic violence, and child rights. Chapter three the researcher aimed at presenting and identifying the methods and techniques of data collection. Therefore, the section explained the research design, sample size and selection, study population, sampling procedures, steps considered for analyzing the information and the research instruments that were used to generate data from different respondents. Pre-testing (reliability & validity) of data collection instruments were included in this chapter, procedure of data collection, data analysis and ethical considerations that enabled the researcher give the value for the study. Chapter four presented data, analyzed and interpreted on the effects of domestic violence on children’s rights in Katoogo village, Kawempe Division. Chapter five presented the discussion of the key findings basing on objectives. The main objective of this chapter was to present and discuss about the findings on the effects of domestic violence and child rights in Katoogo, Kawempe. Tables have been used to present the findings in this chapter investigated sample characteristics, provided descriptive statistics on the responses for each variable and the relationship between different variables. It is concluded that, domestic violence is number one cause of violations in children’s rights in Katoogo, village in Kawempe. Most of the rights for young children are abused unnoticed by parents during physical fights, sexual violence and emotionally. Children who grow up witnessing such forms of violence are more likely to be aggressive, emotionally stressed, depressed and become traumatized with even no respect for their parents and women in particular.
Description: A research thesis submitted to the college of humanities and social sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a bachelor’s degree in public administration of Kampala International University
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