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Title: Relationship between exports and GDP growth in Uganda: a case study of periods between 1992-2011.
Authors: Uchamgiu, Gerald
Keywords: GDP growth
exports growth
Issue Date: Aug-2014
Publisher: Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management.
Abstract: The study was conducted under the topic “Relationship between Exports of and GDP growth in Uganda: (A case study: Periods Between 1992-2011)” The research instruments used for data collection are time series tests, observation, sampling and data Analysis. The researcher made the following findings in accordance with the study objectives: Gross Domestic Product has been showing a general increase over years under study in Uganda (1992-2011). An increase in the GDP growth is due to exportation of goods, high level of technology, favorable government policy and revenue among other factors which can lead to economic growth, high earnings from exports which lead to injections into the country, technology leads to high production of goods in quantity and quality which enables to promote trade, favorable government policy that encourages both exporters and importers which lead to favorable balance of payment, mean while taxation leads to high generation of revenue to the country which can be invested, and we that investment leads to economic growth. The relationship between exports and GDP growth has been a significant relationship according to the fitted line and regression analysis, correlation and the use of time series tests, which were performed. There has been a strong positive correlation between exports and GDP growth in Uganda (0.7295), the regression of Gross Domestic Products showed a significant relationship while a unit change in GDP growth as a result of exports has a significant relationship but the constant has no significant relationship, this is an indication of the growth of GDP without the exportation of goods may be un healthy to an economy like Uganda since it is still a developing country which cannot do without exportation of goods.
Description: a research dissertation submitted to the department of economics and applied statistics in the partial fulfillment for the award of a bachelor of arts in economics of Kampala international university.
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