The role of tours and travel companies in development of tourism industry: a case study of great Lakes safaris

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management.
The purpose of the study was to assess the role of tours and travel companies in the development of the tourism industry. The study was guided by four research objectives which were: To examine the role of tours and travel companies to tourists, to identify the role of tours and travel companies towards infrastructural development to explore the trend or growth of tourists visiting the country. and lastly to examine the contribution of safari tours and travel companies to the tourism industry. The methodology involved the use a descriptive research design which employed both qualitative and quantitative designs. The sample size involved the 50 respondents to obtain responses. Simple random sampling alongside purposive sampling was used to obtain the required data. The data collection methods involved the use of both questionnaires and interview guides. The data sources involved the use of both primary and secondary data sources. Data analysis undertook both qualitative and quantitative methods. The findings revealed that fours and travel companies play roles not limited to transportation and logistics services which primarily ensure that tourists reach their various destinations. They offer information to tourists such as the countries forex exchange rates. Safe transportation zones, historical information, and ideal lodging sites. The role of tours and travel companies towards infrastructural development involves its influence to aids construction and improvement of roads. accommodation/hotels and improvement in the number of tourists that travelled by great safaris tours and travel company arc usually high but numbers tremendously reduce during political tensions such as the general elections periods. The level of development of tourism industry is dimensional as ii. caters liar fiscal and social aspects not limited to generation of foreign exchange, leisure and hospitality Some tourists resort to being investors in the country after they have realized the economic potential of the country.
A research report submitted to the college of economics and management department of leisure and hospitality in partial fulfillment of tile requirements for the award of a degree of tourism and hotel management of Kampala international university
Tours and travel, Companies, Tourism industry, Great lakes safaris