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Title: Academic performance of learners with visual impairments in Kipsaraman zone, Baringo district Kenya
Authors: J\ Chelal, John stone C.
Keywords: Academic performance
learners with visual impairments
Baringo district
Issue Date: Aug-2008
Publisher: Kampala International University, school of education
Abstract: This study set out to explore the academic performance of learners with visual impairments in kipsaraman zone, Baringo district Kenya. The research followed a survey research design. The research targeted a small population of 10 pupils and 10 teachers from the ten schools in the zone to represent the nineteen schools. The target sample was picked using purposive and random sampling. The schools sampled included: Bartolimo, Kitibei, Kipsaraman, Kimugul, Chambai, Barkebo, Kasok Kibiriokwonin, Kaptoin, Torokwonin, kelwondonin, Kapchepkisa and Kabargoge in the highland region. The schools in the lower region included: Poi, Rebeko, Terik, Kabbilany, Mondoi and Kapkoiwo. The questionnaires were analyzed manually and percentages computed then frequency tables were used to summarize the information. The study discovered that the major causes of V.1 among children in the school going age are diseases like —Glaucoma, Cataract and exophthalmia and others. These diseases contribute to 60% of V.1 cases among children. Other causes of V.1 are accidents, heredity etc. The study also discovered that most (70%) of the LVL perform poorly. It is only a few (30%) who can perform averagely. All respondents showed that if LVL are provided with teaching learning resources, their performance can be improved, The study also found out that there are few trained SNE teachers and so there a big need for them . In this study, the researcher also discovered that about 80% of the people in the Villages, teachers and other pupils, generally have a negative attitude towards LVL. The study concluded that there are many causes of\~.1 among children, but diseases are the biggest cause. LVL perform generally poor in most schools. This is due to negative attitude most people, including teachers and fellow pupils have towards LVL. Most people have a poor attitude towards LVL, there are few SNE trained teachers and GCP are still inadequate in most schools. The researcher recommends that, the government should put up preventive measures to reduce the spread of diseases like Glaucoma, Cataracts, Xerophthalmia among others. Parents should also be more careluil in up bringing their children so that they are not easily attacked by such disease. Such measures may include immunization programmes, provision of good food that can improve pupil’s sight and early control and treatment of the diseases, in case it is discovered. The ministry of education needs to do something to boost academic performance of LVL. This can be done through provision of more SNE trained teachers, more teaching and learning resources like eye glasses for shortsighted and longsighted. Parents, schools, and the ministry of education should conduct more guidance and counseling sessions to try and encourage LVL to learn.
Description: Dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of bachelor of education in special needs education of Kampala International University
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