A Library Membership Registration Management System Case Study: Bugolobi Public Library

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Kampala International University, School of Computing and Information Technology
Tremendous advances in computer technology and the development of computer applications have led to new approaches in mining and management of libraries. Bugolobi Public Library (BPL) was using a manual library system. Maintaining manual records was becoming a difficult task. All functions of the library were done manually leading to various problems within the library retarding routine library services. The research aimed at developing a library membership registration system to support routine library services for BPL. An investigation was carried out to establish how the existing system functions regarding the problems at hand in addition to the way forward. To help in investigation, the interview, observation and questionnaires were used in fact finding. The development used System Development Life Cycle approach along with the power of data flow diagrams. Development centered on Visual Basic 6.0 and MySQL database.
A Project Report Submitted to The College of Applied Sciences and Technology in Partial Fulfillment of The Requirements for The Award of a Diploma of Computer Science of Kampala International University July, 2012
Registration Management System, Library Membership, Public Libraries