Cohabitation and its impact on religion in Ggaba mission Makindye division Kampala district:

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and social sciences.
The research was carried out in Kampala-Makindye Division; Ggaba Mission, central Uganda to assess issues of cohabitation and its impact on religion, Causes, impacts and strategies for managing cohabitation were discussed. The researcher used questionnaire, interview format and observation methods to find out the information. Stratified sampling and purposive sampling techniques were employed; also the researcher used descriptive and exploratory design to get the findings. The causes were; religious difference, divorce, cohabiting for discernment, house work, domestic violence, bride prices, poverty, family background, death of parents, lack of strict laws. The impacts were; early unwanted pregnancies, emotional well-being, lack of God’s and parents’ blessings, Isolation of parents from children, increased domestic violence, imprisonment, lack of respect, possibilities of incest, decreased grandparents’ love for offspring, unplanned for population growth, ill health, harmful effect upon children, high rate of divorce. And the strategies towards curbing of cohabitation were; counseling and guidance, parental planning, strict laws by government, negotiating the bride price, peace at home, similar religions to be married, education of female child and adult education. The study was across sectional involving both male and female respondents and descriptive in nature aiming at giving detailed account of views, impression, attitude and interpretation of issues on cohabitation. The researcher employed a study design that was based on the study purposes; both quantitative and qualitative methods were used through questionnaires which were self administered by the researcher and the interview method was employed too. In conclusion, cohabitation needs combined efforts of government, religious leaders and community participation at large towards its management in Ggaba mission-Kampala district.
a dissertation submitted to the department of applied psychology in partial fulfillment of the award of a bachelor’s degree of social work and social administration of Kampala international university.
Cohabitation, Ggaba mission Makindye