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dc.contributor.authorWambi, David Emma-
dc.descriptionA research report submitted to the department of mass communication in partial fulfillment of requirements for the award of bachelor’s degree in mass communication of Kampala International Universityen_US
dc.description.abstractThe study was undertaken to assess how electronic media covers political activities in Uganda. The Objectives of the study were; (i) to establish the problems faced by journalists covering political issues. (ii) To establish the benefits derived from coverage of political issues. (iii) To find out the impact of political news stories on the audience of UBC. (iv) To identify the different forms of campaigns by mass media towards promotion of free coverage of political activities. The research was carried out at UBC in Kampala This report heavily relied on the fact that reportage of issues relating to political activities in Uganda is greatly rendered improper by pressures inserted on the presenters as the final people in the chain of disseminating political news and views to the public. Radio presenters have little say on who to host in their political talk shows. All this is organized by the producers and editors who are also under the supervision or pressure in this case from the managers. The presenter may for example feel the desire to present views professionally with the highest level of objectivity, truthfulness, accuracy, impartiality and fairness but this may be in conflict with the house.en_US
dc.publisherKampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciencesen_US
dc.subjectElectronic media coverageen_US
dc.subjectPolitical activitiesen_US
dc.subjectBroadcasting operation Bounderiesen_US
dc.titleElectronic media coverage of political activities in Uganda (2012-2013) the broadcasting operation boundaries:en_US
dc.title.alternativea case Study of UBC Radioen_US
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