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Title: Assessing the impacts of participatory approaches on environmental sanitation in Kinondoni Municipality, Tanzania
Authors: A. Kalongola, Allen
Keywords: Participatory approaches
Environmental sanitation
Kinondoni Municipality
Issue Date: Sep-2011
Publisher: Kampala International University, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Abstract: Participatory approaches are methods that emphasize local knowledge and enable people to make their own appraisal, analysis and plans. This also means each of us has a responsibility to plan for the better living environment. It is in this view that a researcher conducted a study to assess the impacts of participatory approaches on environmental sanitation promotion in Kinondoni Municipality, Tanzania. It aimed at identifying the existing participatory approaches on environmental sanitation promotion, level of community knowledge on environmental sanitation approaches and the deficiencies in participatory approaches used in environmental sanitation promotion areas. The study was cross-sectional and employed both quantitative and qualitative methods of data collection. The households and community leaders were the study unit, 108 households and 5 community leaders were sampled proportionate to the population size of 2900 households and random sampling was carried out in ten wards. 72 respondents out of 113 of the targeted sample size responded. The study found out from the respondents that, the participatory approach mostly used was PHAST; the approach is used in environmental sanitation projects such as water supply, low cost latrines construction and storm water drainage construction. There was a high level of community awareness on the approaches which shows that the responsible people are successfully implementing the approach. From this, I recommended that for effective implementation and promotion of sanitation, an integration of all approaches needs to be used because PHAST can’t work independently.
Description: A Dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of requirements for the Award of a Degree of Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management of Kampala International University-Uganda
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