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Title: Women participation and sustainability of development projects in vision 2020 Umurenge program (vup) in Musanze District in Rwanda
Authors: Nyirahirwa, Marie
Keywords: Women
Issue Date: Nov-2014
Publisher: Kampala International University,College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Abstract: This study is a result of an academic research entitled” women participation and sustainability of development projects in Vision 2020 Umurenge Program in Musanze District in Rwanda. The main purpose of this study was to investigate how participation of women has an impact on sustainability of development projects can’ied out by VUP in Musanze District. Implementation of VUP started in May 2008 in 30 pilot sectors, the poorest sector in each of Rwanda’s 30 districts. The sample population of this study was randomly selected. The study population comprised of 150 people of Musanze District in Two Sectors MUSANZE and GASHAKI including VUP staff and VUP beneneficiares, a sample of 109 respondents was chosen, using Sloven formula and simple random sampling. Questionnaire and interview were used in collecting primary data. SPSS was used to analyze quantitative data. The data were processed using frequency distribution, mean, and Pearson’s linear correlation coefficient. Objectives of the study were to assess the level of women participation in project among respondents in VUP in Rwanda. The level of women participation among respondents in VUP is Very High in terms of project identification, planning, Implementation, and project monitoring and evaluation. The second objective of the study was to analyse the level of sustainability of development projects in terms of VUP in Rwanda. The findings revealed aspects of sustainability of development projects rated Moderate on average. The third objective was to investigate the significant relationship between women participation and sustainability of development projects. The findings revealed that there was significant relationship between women participation and project sustainability. It was noted that women participation influences project sustainability. The findings also showed that project identification, planning, implementation, and project monitoring and evaluation constructs of measuring women participation did positively influence project sustainability at VUP. The study suggested the recommendations which are based on the objectives of the study as follows; To enhance women participation among respondents, the VUP should emphasize more on encouraging community sensitization on project sustainability by motivating the local people to get involved in the implementation of public NGOs so as to alleviate poverty in householder; VUP should improve on the concept of sustainability of development projects and its relevancy at work. This should be done by improving the work especially the monitoring and evaluation of project work and checking tendencies of corruption; VUP should consider beneficiaries’ suggestions during the implantation of project activity
Description: A Dissertation Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the award of Degree of Master of Arts in Project Planning and Management of Kampala International University
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